Q. What is the Hydra-Con?

A. The Name Hydra-Con is short for hydraulic conical. These are bullets that have an internal sealed hydraulic chamber (patented process) that produces devastating expansion and energy transfer.

  1. Hydraulic fluid is a USDA approved food grade.
  2. The Hydra-Con is available in 45 caliber thru 54 caliber Sabot and 45 caliber - 58 caliber Bore size. Some "Sharps" bullets are available.

Q. How is the Traditional Hunter different from the Hydra-Con?

A. The Traditional Hunter is the same "bullet body" as the Hydra-Con. It has a deep hollow cavity that accepts the hydraulic application. It shoots the same as the Hydra-Con and is a fine bullet in its own right. However, it does not open as readily as the Hydra-Con.

Q. What bullets do you have available?

A. We have a vast assortment of bullets including:

ModelCaliber / Grams
Jacketed Hydra-Con45 Caliber / 180 gr.
Jacketed Hydra-Con45 Caliber / 200 gr.
Jacketed Hydra-Con50 Caliber / 250 gr.
Jacketed Hydra-Con50 Caliber / 275 gr.
Jacketed Hydra-Con50 Caliber / 300 gr.
Jacketed Ballistic Extreme50 Caliber / 250 gr.
Jacketed Ballistic Extreme50 Caliber / 275 gr.
Jacketed Traditional Hunter45 Caliber / 180 gr.
Jacketed Traditional Hunter45 Caliber / 200 gr.
Jacketed Traditional Hunter50 Caliber / 250 gr.
Jacketed Traditional Hunter50 Caliber / 275 gr.
Jacketed Traditional Hunter50 Caliber / 300 gr.
Jacketed Traditional Hunter54 Caliber / 250 gr.
Jacketed Traditional Hunter54 Caliber / 275 gr.
Jacketed Traditional Hunter54 Caliber / 300 gr.
Colorado, Oregon, and Western States Hydra-Con
Hydra-Con50 Caliber / 440 gr.
Hydra-Con52 Caliber / 530 gr.
Hydra-Con54 Caliber / 580 gr.
Traditional Hunter50 Caliber / 440 gr.
Traditional Hunter52 Caliber / 530 gr.
Traditional Hunter54 Caliber / 580 gr.

Q. What kind of bullet lube do you recommend for "bore-size bullets"?

A. Our personal preference is SPG black powder cartridge lubricant.

NOTE: Many are shooting the bore size dry! They are moly coated and we are getting many shooters who say they do not lube. I have not personally tested this.

Q. What is the trajectory of your bullets?

A. Please see the loads, velocity, & trajectory information below:

Bullet: 440 gr Parker Colorado Legal Hydra-Con

#I. Load 100 gr Pdx P - Vel. 1250 fps. Trajectory

  • 25 yds: + 1.5 inches
  • 50 yds: + 3 inches
  • 100 yds: + 3 inches
  • 150 yds: 0
  • 200 yds: 14 inches

#II. Load 110 gr Pdx P - Vel. 1300 fps. Trajectory

  • 25 yds: 0
  • 50 yds: +1.5 inches
  • 100 yds: 0
  • 150 yds: 7 inches
  • 200 yds: 20 inches

Note: All bullets were shot lubed; some choose to shoot without lubing, the projectile will shoot well; however, the fouling may harden causing loading difficulty.

Aggregate Group: 1.082 at 25 yds
Velocity: 1298.25 fps

Rifles used:
Austin Halleck, CVA, Traditions
T.C. Black Diamond, Knight MK - 85
Knight Big Horn

Note: Trajectory information is a guide only. Individual performance may vary.

Q. What is a "Moly Wad"?

A. The moly wad is a moly impregnated felt disk used with bore size bullets. It goes over the powder and under the bullet.


  1. Better seal.
  2. Means to compress powder without damaging bullet noise.
  3. Keeps the lube from getting to the powder.
  4. Improves accuracy.