The 270 E-max is our latest addition to the Match/Hunter bullet line. It has been on the market for almost a year, and has attracted the attention of both the target shooter and the hunter alike.  The E-max is basically a bullet designed to be shot in the bullet to bore .45 cal rifle, as a rule it has not been sabot friendly, however there are exceptions being reported by some custom builders and shooters alike.

The E-max is by design a Maximum Expansion bullet.  Its purpose is to give a Match/Hunter ballistic ability and a Ballistic Extreme expansion.  This was accomplished by making the E-max with the same.015 jacket thickness that is on all Ballistic Extremes. The 270 E-max has proven to be very accurate and it will open on game at all practical hunting range.

The E-max has a B.C. of .372 ( B.C. @ 2850 fps ), with the velocity capability of the Custom Smokeless Rifles and the .015 jacket you can expect a flat shooting, rapid expanding, terminally effective results.  Questions feel free to call 208-596-8430  Bob Parker