It is that time of year again---it is late summer, temperature is HOT and you want to get your rifle ready for fall.  It is off to the range,you get off a couple good shots and then the next one and those following just go everywhere!!!!!

It is amazing what heat and a hot barrel will do to a sabot. The pic to the right were taken to show the protection a felt wad gives to the sabot base, but I would like to call your attention to the top right pedal on the right sabot.  Note the marks left by the rifling are clean, crisp and distinct.  That is how that should look, but when heat comes into play the sabot cannot "hold its grip" on the rifling and therefore slippage occurs and accuracy is gone.

     The only way to avoid this is to keep the barrel cool----easy in the winter, but right now my thermometer read 101, down from 103!!!  You cannot expect a sabot rifle to perform well in that temp.  So shoot early and late, wait as long as is practical between shots, use the A.C. in your truck, keep the rifle in the shade--whatever it takes to keep the rifle cool.------REMEMBER HOT SABOT GUNS WILL NOT SHOOT WELL!!!

Best of everything with this upcoming season.       Bob Parker