From time to time I am ask the question" What is the difference in the Traditional Hunter and the HydraCon??" The question is a good one and easily to understand why a person would ask.  

    The Traditional Hunter is a hollow point bullet and as a rule that makes it the logical choice if you want expansion; HOWEVER in relation to the HydraCon this is not true.  The Traditional Hunter is a fine hunting bullet in it's own right, but IT WILL NOT EXPAND LIKE THE HydraCon.

     The word HydraCon is short for Hydraulic Conical, and that is exactly what the HydraCon is.  The cut-a-way at the right shows the construction of the bullet and it's internal make up.  When the HydraCon impacts and begins to push against the steel ball in the bullet, it tries to compress the food grade lubricant in the bullet, which it cannot do so the projectile expands producing outstanding terminal effect.

      When you look at the two bullets side by side, the HydraCon looks like a round nose solid--NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.  If you are looking for an all lead bullet that will expand the HydraCon is a proven performer.  

      The picture shown is for the Sharps, the projectiles come in most calibers, standard muzzle loading and sharps.

      Bob Parker